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Professional Scenes

That Get You In The Room. 

Film and Network Television Production Quality!

Here's The Skinny...

We specialize in writing, filming, and editing custom Film and Television scenes for your acting reel.

We offer two different types of scene options - our Standard Scene and a Walk and Talk. What is a walk and talk? Think The West Wing, Law & Order, or basically any film or television show that has two or more characters walking and talking during a scene.  

If you're looking to spice up your reel with production quality, we got you!

Check out a few of our scenes below or shoot us an email at to get started! 

The Skinny
On The Job
The Campaign
Psychic Reading
Dinner Date
The Blind Date

about us

Hey guys! We've been working here in New York for over eight years making movies, scenes, and everything in between.

We know how frustrating this industry can be for actors. It is for us, too! So we're using our abilities as filmmakers to help you get your foot in the door!

We're really passionate about getting the best performance possible from our actors. There are a lot of scene creation businesses out there that offer professional quality, but most are focused on shoot volume and business rather than your performance and authenticity. Production quality is very important to us, but communication and connection with you, the actor, is everything.

So, if you're serious about your career and ready for an awesome on-camera experience, hit us up and we'll set you up with a scene!

About Us


For more information on booking, pricing and how it all works, please shoot us an email at:

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